Sep 03

Now this is just too cute! Our hot update today is not really about plushy play so much though, BBW Milla Monroe is liking that soft tickly feeling that a plush toy against a chunky wet slit gives. It’s a great prelude to a solo masturbation session though!

Now, Milla Monroe is one of those BBWs that the more you get to know her the better you like her. That’s aside from her hawt curves and her rampant sexuality. She’s a chunky angel with a real personality that will grow on you! For those of you not familar with solo cuties, then the site is all about THEM. Milla is definitely a bouncy sweet plump angel who lives out her dreams on camera (sometimes with a little help from her friends). That was enough for me of course, I really wanted to see more of this oozy chick and her hungry vagina. However, it did not quit there because when you become a member of her site you get 5 other stand alone BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN sites.

Ok, who went avid? Well, shhhh don’t tell them just get your dose of Milla Monroe and all the other BBW videos at the same time!

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Aug 20

Darling Ricky is this good figure of a BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with an oral addiction! Our BBW porn movie scenes today are totally about blowjobs and courtesy of Fatty Blowjobs. Well, wait they are totally about blowjobs with a BBW giving them. The very first thing that struck me about this episode was her big billibongs resting on his thighs. Of course I’m not large tit fascinated (much) but these are some monsters on this hawt BBW. Yep, she’s a darling and that mouth of hers works literal magic on a hard rod like this one.

As she face copulates his meat stick you can see his balls tightening up and the cum just desperate to escape. Oh, all in wonderful time, this BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN from Fatty Blowjobs truly has some great control here and makes it last as long as possible. What really puzzles me is how this guy kept his hands off her. I mean that smooth silky soft flesh so close to him and begging to be touched and kneaded as this honey strokes his rod with her mouth. BBW porn movies especially blowjob clips don’t get any better than this because you know when a cutie likes to give head, and fellow – this one does!

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Aug 19

I’m going to tell you straight up that Large Sophie was actually trying to be a nice cutie. This chick set out to wash her car like a valuable angel but soon it’s too hot and soon she’s stark nude with those big bra buddies rubbing across the hood of the car like soft sponges. Ok, so this babe did that a lot longer than necessary and soon the water is going not on her car, but instead her hawt vagina.

I confess, I love porn just as much as the next person, and yes I love BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN sweethearts too, but I gotta tell you a gal with a big marvelous body and big boobs and soft thighs AND a personality and sense of fun – well you’ve me right there! There’s no denying the attraction of a naughty nude LARGE gal with a personality. Fess up – fucking is fun and precious to watch but a girl who loves fucking – who loves sex and who is actually there in the moment, and engaged in what she is doing? That is true sexual attraction.

Large Sophie offers all that and vids too! Oh, and she washes cars!

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Aug 18

blonde bbw daphne

I have to tell you about finding this BBW update. There’s a site called Size BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, now right off the bat this name is impressive since you want your BBW to have size right? Right on the front page of the voyage I discover this sexy hot BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with the huge titties and the large curves and everything you want in a cutie – right? So, this update was a must to bring to you. Daphne’s large love melons are enough reason to be attracted to her but when you see this plumper with her hands and mouth and love tunnel wrapped around a big dick and pumping it for all this hottie is worth – well you will be hooked too.

Now in browsing through the available samples one more thing struck me (besides BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN Daphne’s amazing bazookas) and that was their tag line, If they are not big we won’t fuck them. How’s that for a filtering system? Well it damned sure works coz I did not encounter a single small cutie on that site just large naughty hotties! Large beauties just fuck better and the dudes at Size BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN know it!

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Aug 18

I bet you never even thought of a tub large enough to put 3 BBWs into. Maybe not, but the studs at Plompers did.

Well, get them nude (they’re already moist) and leave them alone a while with the camera whirring quietly and you know the air will be charged with sexual energy and it just has to come out some way. Voila instant lesbo BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN porn movie scenes and all just by putting \’em together. They can’t help but look at each other’s chubby vaginas or those big rumps and those extra sized meatballs. Looking will almost always lead to touching with sexually excited hotties like those and soon they are out of the tub and into each other’s wet cracks.

The sample BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN lesbo porn today is clips and from the awesome collection at Plompers. The big beauties are named Abbie, Libbie, and Angela and in these videos they do anything from licking scones to licking love tunnel to helping each other out with large toys. It’s an explict lesbian movie with the sexiest juiciest and hottest BBWs around and it’s all for you! Get the full length vids, browse the giant selection of BBWs and see the naughtiest sex around just by clicking here for these big women at Plompers!

Aug 17

You know I\’m not going to try and tell you that this BBW, Crystal is the most gorgeous plumper there is (she’s close to it though). I mean you\’ve eyes, you have personal tastes, but if you don’t admit she has some large charms, then change your glasses. Coz this big hottie is smooth and soft and sweet smelling and one wild ride. It’s hardcore BBW videos today from Size BBW and of cuz Crystal is one of the plus sized cuties there and a personal favorite of mine!

Now our lucky man who’s getting to sample this marvelous BBW and her plus size pussy has the right idea. He’s taken with Crystal and not only does this dude fuck her silly but this man licks her senseless too. This guy knows how lucky he is and knows that size in a cutie DOES matter. To me, Crystal is the flawless Size BBW. Just enough cushion for the pushin and more than juicy enough to side right in. I won’t natter on about her priceless soft ass or those thighs so strong they grab you like they will never let go. Nope nor about her pillowy meatballs or huge soft belly. Just watch the BBW hardcore clips and drool!

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Aug 16

sexy desiree

One thing about a BBW with big breasts is the titty dance. If you don’t know what I mean then you have to check this BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN out. The first thing she does after showing off this nice-looking overweight body is to make those big delicious scoops dance for her stud. You have to love the bobble and bounce of big milk cans on a large woman! Our sexy little number with the excellent titties is a BBW from BBW Superstars. You bet this large babe is a superstar and I for one want to see even more of her!

Well, you know in this BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN movie this stud (and us too) gets to see way more of this big tittied luscious chick. She bends over and takes his big penis in her obese cookie from behind. That has to be an incredible fuck because our BBW has a priceless bulky booty and a moist cookie that swallows a knob and engulfs it in velvet heat!

The nice thing about BBW movies is you can hear the action as well as see it and this wonderful bulky honey makes such nice little squeaks and moans. She’s another BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN Superstar on her way up!

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Aug 15

BBW Milla Monroe has a sweet tooth. Actually she’s sweetening that nice-looking snatch and if you think about it, that long thin lollipop makes for more than a sweet treat it sure would serve as a priceless vibrator too. This BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN beauty has taken her sense of fun into the realm of her sexuality. How better to do this than to use her hawt sucker as a hot toy! We’ve shown you this lovely coed BBW with the naughty slit and the big billibongs and the soft and welcoming body before, but today we have BBW porn episodes for you that show her laughing and giggling and moaning and squirming on her bed to get that toy deeper inside herself.

There are plenty of BBWs in the world, and lots of them will take off their lingerie but not so many look so nice and none of \’em to date have shown their nasty side the way Milla Monroe does! She’s unabashedly sensual and sexual and in today’s update very sweet! If those BBW movies were as hawt for you as they were for me, you are going to wanna see way more. I did and it was outstanding!

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Aug 14

bbw lesbo threesome

It’s big titty licking time today! Yeah Plompers rounded up 3 big gals with corpulent juicy slits and a taste for gal flesh. It stands to reason that large cuties would like other BBWs right? Just the same as you enjoy these fleshy honeys. Obese twat is so much sweeter and firmer and much better to lick, or fuck as the case may be.

Today’s BBW porn is three times the fun coz we have three times the large overweight angels for you and well, for each other too! Large boobs, big vaginas and large appetites for sex means this BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN porn update from Plompers is going to rock you – it sure as hell did them! You gonna love it when they combine 3 of these hot BBWs and then stand back and watch the sparks fly and the juices flow.

Enjoy those large beauties and their taste for sweet cookies and big bra buddies and firm chubby thighs coz those babes are having a high old time. You know, there are times when a cutie just doesn’t want rod and this is one of them.

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Aug 13

For those of you with a taste for coeds with overweight figures and naughty minds then here we go – BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN Milla Monroe. Take your time with this obese babe this sweetheart deserves every single moment of it and so do you. Everyone has a different reason for liking their honeys big but one of the most appealing things about this BBW is this hottie is so smooth and round. I mean check that large belly out it\’s soft and sweet and looks to me like a cushy pillow. Oh while you are down there be sure and check out that soaked pussy it’s not just the bath water wetting it for this horny cutie!

Being familar with BBW Milla Monroe and her sexually excited ways I can say without a doubt this cutie is fantastic to watch. She’s just too horny to be priceless for long! Those bulky fingers will always discover their way to that cookie. Oh and may I mention her hot little plumper friends who get in a naked pile and get all over her chubby little twat? Well there you go! Get off the sample of this BBW teasing and for more be sure and visit BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN Milla Monroe’s site and see all her naughty antics!

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